Thursday, October 7, 2010


I do not promote this site, and, for all intent and purpose, I do not update this blog--right now. So chances are you came along this site via Google or Yahoo, which means you may want additional information about the book and subsequent sequels. I have no additional information. I'm sorry.

Here's what I can say: rate the book, and rate it well! Your reviews really do make a difference. If you have a friend (and I hope you do), tell your friend to download it. I have not given up on the series and I have pages of notes regarding it. I know what will happen. I just haven't written it down. Sorry.

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If you want to be notified of a sequel in the future, write me at the address below, and I'll add you to a mailing list:

Because you spotted by, however, I hate to leave you with nothing, so here's the first four paragraphs of book two. Tell me what you think by commenting below...

The N00Bs - Book Two:

Dylan looked at the black smoke in the distance--that was the signal that all was clear. He turned around where Hunter stabled himself against a tree; his leg was bloody. A rag was tied around his calf.

"I can't lose it Dylan--a one legged rebel is no good to them and I would be hung a traitor if I tried to go home."

Dylan offered no comforting words. "Help me with him," he said to Trista.

"I screwed up," Hunter softly cried, "I'm sorry."

Stay tuned for more...


  1. I wish the book was out already. Guess I'll have to be patient and wait. Those first four paragraphs have already grabbed my attention and now I'm really eager for the release. The first book had a great plot and the ending really left me wanting more.

  2. This book is amazing, great read and very thought provoking, cannot wait for the next one and will plug away at my friends to tell them all about it
    :) xxx R.Williams

  3. Good book but I saw quite a few spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes. Plot was good -- not predictable at all :)
    Some parts where unrealistic too, which wasn't good.
    Didn't get some of it -- the gaming part e.g. Golden Wii -- just seemed like you ran out of ideas.
    However, very good book, and thank you for making it free!!

  4. The book is Epic

  5. I loved the book, but I have to agree with donutboy, alot of grammar few spellings , but in the end I got over it and I still love. Everyone makes mistakes. I love the book and can't wait for the next one to come out. The first four paragraphs were awesome just like the ending of the first one left me wanting more.

  6. Hi im on the list to knnow when book 2 is out but i was wondering if you could take a guess at when it would be finished?I cant wait for the book to come out because you ended it with suspence!

  7. I'm shooting for an October release...fingers crossed

  8. I loved the book. I dont care if book 2 has a few grammer or spelling mistakes. Just get it out!

  9. Ive told all my friends about the book and they loved it. Please finish the 2nd book. I can't wait.