Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick Update

Some of you have patiently waited for me to send along an update about Book II of the N00b's; I am sorry to say that this is not that email. I have spent the past several weeks reworking the first book with the help of an editor. I am not a champion expert in grammar, as you can obviously tell by my poor use of it in the book--sorry for that! But before I pushed ahead with the second book, I really wanted to make sure that Book 1 was in fair enough shape to leave it alone…now it is.

A new version of the book has been uploaded and is now available. I encourage all of you to remove it from wherever you read it and download it again. That should get you the newest version—unless you are using Kindle, which, sometimes doesn’t update books right away.

And what of book 2? I'm trying--I really am; but it's still going to be awhile. I have speaking engagements booked over the next few months, which, unfortunately, have to take priority over this. My plan is to release the second book as a serial novel (few chapters at a time), which will get it too you much quicker. I will once again make the book available 100% free on iBooks and $0.99 on Kindle and Nook--I'd make it free if I could, but both Amazon and Nook do not allow this for self-published authors—only major publishers.

If you want to help me out and have an Amazon account, you can do so by tagging my book here:
At the bottom of the page you will see something that says "Tags Customers Associate with This Product"--checking off tags really helps the number of people who see the book. If you really want to help, then review the book either there or on Nook…every review helps.

Each of you is an earlier reader of this series, and I'm thankful for each of your support. I hope to have something new for you soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the revision….

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  1. Your doing great man I just finished the first book and I already can't wait for the 2nd one! Good luck and hope for an update soon!