Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Two Release Date

Okay, so no real release date, but here's an update for those who don't follow the Facebook page...

Book Two is now, for the most part, complete. There's still another read through to do...I'll do that with a fresher eye later this month.

I'm aiming at making it live the first part of October, so stay tuned and watch out for updates

Thank you, as always, for your support and patience! I'll do my best to have Book Three done much sooner.


  1. Really excited for the second book!

  2. i want to read the new book soon!!

  3. With as amazing as your first book is, you will have my support all the way to the end. I am eagerly awaiting this second book and plan on soon rereading the first being how apparently close the secong is and how long it has been since I had read the first. While I am eager for it, take all of the time you need to get the book out.